The Western Cape Government is exploring imposing local restrictions for the province due to the covid19 resurgence.

The government is concerned that more than 50% of new cases were recorded over the past week.

Hospitalisations have also increased during the same period.

The department of Health confirmed it has made recommendations to be considered by the cabinet.

Speaking during his weekly media briefing on Wednesday, Premier Alan Winde said it’s too early to call for the closure of the borders.

“ I know in the first wave we had an agreement with provinces, specifically between the Western and Eastern Cape.  But we continued with that agreement with other provinces as well, around management of movement. But the difference it was permitted. At this moment there’s no mechanism to really closedown a border, we will talk about that on Friday. We want to know those tools on creating sort of mini-lockdown or closing down of a region to slow down”.

Winde added that people might have to re-consider their travel plans for the festive season.

“ So right now the advise would be if we can slow down our travel arrangements, please let’s do it. We’ve got to make sure that we continue keeping our economy going. But we also need to do things safety and responsibly, that’s what’s going to be part of every single we have to do”.