A Cape Town mosque will be one of the places of worship to remain closed next week, in an effort to stop the spread of the corona virus.
The Claremont Main Road Mosque says it will keep it’s door shut, despite the president giving the go-ahead for places of worship to re-open under level 3 lockdown.
The mosque’s interim governance chair, Jaamia Galant, says when weighing up the potential to lose more lives to the virus, the choice was an easy one to make:

“Its a bit confounding for us why this decision has been made now, especially in the Western Cape which is the epicentre of the virus.” – Jaamia Galant

Billions of Muslims around the world were recently forced to observe one of the most holy month, in unconventional ways due to the virus outbreak.
Galant says they’re urging the community to stay home and build off that solidarity.

“People have found different ways of building their spirituality doing it all together as families.” –  Jaamia Galant

Claremont Mosque chooses not to open up under level 3 lockdown restrictions… Board interim chair, Jaamia Galant, joins Aden on the line…