Aden follows up with two listeners who we were in touch a while ago, as they were stuck abroad in Thailand and Bali for the longest time. It was an absolute nightmare, no flights and running out of money, how do you survive?

The first listener, Lloyd Weitz, who was stuck with his family in Bali for two months, was promised flights back home but that didn’t work out. There was a special charter flight that was also meant to help them get back, but that also fell through. Eventually after what felt like forever, they managed to get a flight to Joburg and immediately had to go into quarantine. They were split into various hotels and weren’t allowed to leave at all, until the 14 days were over. There were two options to get back to Cape Town, either a bus or a rental vehicle, and Lloyd chose to rent a car and drive back with his family. They arrived safe and sound.

The second listener, Lee-anne Machelm, who was stuck in Thailand catches up with Aden about her experience getting back to Cape Town. She also speaks about life being back home, feeling lonely and missing her friends and family during this lockdown.

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