If you are a beginner or a pro in the kitchen looking to spice things up in kitchen, here are a few spices you NEED in your kitchen. You can’t go wrong with these. They are the basis of most recipes we use in our everyday cooking.

Bay leaves

Many forget about this little one but it is actually a burst of flavor. Bay leaves can be whole or dried, either way they are so easy to ground down.


Thyme is something you should always have handy when making soups and savory dishes. Add some thyme to your beef next time!

Cayenne pepper

Giving your dish that extra spicy kick. Great to add to any type of dish!


Paprika brings together anything it is being added to. The flavors just work when paprika is added.


More commonly coming from Italian cuisine but now is showing up in French cuisine. Lovely to make your basil and pesto with.


This is found in a lot of curries. Perfect to bring your butter chicken curry on the map! When buying tumric, make sure that is it high quality, we wouldn’t want a watered down version.


Fatty foods and sage are the best combination. Can you picture the veil and lamb? Mouth watering!