Watershed release their powerful, hard-hitting version of ’Never Let Me Down Again’ by iconic 80’s synth pop band Depeche Mode

Watershed, one of SA’s most well-loved bands, were asked to participate in the European tribute album to one of the world’s biggest 80’s pop outfits, Depeche Mode.

They have put together a track that is a current, 2022 update of the original which retains the essence of the 80’s smash hit. The energy Watershed create in the production and the vocal delivery paired with Botes’ edgy electric guitars, make this a song that should top the charts… again!

“We identified the big bits and made them bigger, but as with any cover we do, we always want the original feeling and intention of the song to pull through. We then threw everything into the production to overlay it with what we think is our Watershed trademark sound”, says Craig Hinds, Watershed frontman and song writer. “In my most influential years I was listening to Depeche Mode and this song was always a favourite. I love the harmonies and the simplicity of the melody – which is what I believe makes good songs great. Without a doubt one of my formative musical memories – the sound of my youth and influential beyond my imagining- playing this song now is really coming full circle for me and such a privilege!” 

Not shy of hits of their own such as Indigo Girl, Letters, Undone and many more, Watershed join the ranks of Alphaville and Yello in putting together this incredible tribute album to the late great Andy Fletcher #6122 and Depeche Mode.

Stream/Listen to the ‘Never Let Me Down Again’ HERE