Some cigarette brands are reportedly not just illegal to sell, but also quite disgusting to smoke. They could also be very harmful to your body.

South African smokers have turned to some cheap locally made cigarettes to get their nicotine fix since the ban of cigarettes. People (local bubbie shops) are selling them at ridiculous prices, putting massive mark ups on them. There are literally dozens of value brands out there, including, Ossum, Gold Mount, Navara, JFK, Caesar, F1s, Golden Flake, Kingdom, Pacific Blue, and Sahawi. These brands taste quite horrible or have other serious drawbacks.

Smokers have said that a normal box of cigarettes like Molboro or Dunhill would cost about R42 a box, but after lockdown a box would easily cost R120 and thats not even for the brand you want. A carton now, would cost you around R450.

Not only are these cigarettes expensive, they also make your tongue feel really weird and most of them smell really bad. We heard of another story where someone started to develop sores in their mouth and a really bad scratchy throat.

Many South Africans have finally decided to quit smoking through the lockdown, out of fear of getting really sick, or worse, going to jail

Perhaps now is a good time to kiss those cigarettes goodbye!