South Africa is now on Covid-19 alert level 1.

President Cyril Ramaphosa made the announcement during an address to the nation on Sunday evening.

The easing of restrictions includes a shift in the curfew times.

They now apply from 24h00 until 04h00.

Ramaphosa says the public gatherings can take place again.

“Gatherings will be permitted, subject to limitations on size, adherence to social distancing and other health protocols. These include religious, social, political and cultural gatherings. The maximum number of people allowed at any gathering is 100 people indoors or 250 people outdoors”.

Lockdown level one also clears the way for almost all businesses, other than night-clubs, to open again.

Ramaphosa announced a return to normal alcohol sales.

“The sale of alcohol will be permitted, according to normal licence provisions. However, no alcohol may be sold during the hours of curfew”.