Here are tips to help navigate the December holidays

Do: Consider alternative ways to celebrate the holidays to limit the risk of contracting or spreading the Coronavirus.

Do: Limit in-person gatherings in size and duration. The more people involved, and the longer the event, the greater the risk.

Don’t: Participate in a holiday gathering if you have symptoms or believe you have been recently exposed to the coronavirus.

Do: Pay attention to the Coronavirus rates in SA, in your community and in places from where out-of-town guests are coming. When planning to host a holiday celebration, you should assess current COVID-19 levels in your community to determine whether to postpone, cancel, or limit the number of attendees.

Do: Get together outside rather than inside if possible. If forced to be indoors, try to open windows and maintain good air circulation.

Do: Wear a mask, stay at least six feet apart and practice good hand hygiene.

Do: Bring your own food, drinks and utensils to gatherings.

Don’t: Assume that if you wear a mask you do not need to be physically distanced. Interventions such as masks, distancing and hand-washing are meant to supplement one another to reduce risk of infection.

Don’t: Assume that you are not infectious if you feel healthy. The coronavirus can be spread by people who are asymptomatic.

Do: Talk with family members and friends in advance to create a plan that everyone can abide by and be comfortable with. Be prepared to decline invitations. Think long term: The pandemic won’t last forever.

Don’t: Just wing it.