Organisers of the weekend’s beach demonstrations say their protests were successful.

Some Capetonians broke the lockdown regulations to protesting against the closure of the beaches.

Muizenberg beach saw the biggest of these protests.

It’s been more than a month, since the beaches were closed, in efforts slow down the spread of Covid-19 infections.

Protestor Craig Peiser says people must be allowed to use the beaches.

“ The beach and the ocean  represent freedom.  We literally had our freedom taken away and that’s ridiculous thing.  We the people made a stand, and let our stunt be known that people have spoken. Once people speak, and their voices need to be heard”.

Meanwhile, Clay Wilson from SA United Voices, says beachgoers should ignore the fines issued by law enforcement agencies.

“Go to the beach and be kind, if a man gives you with a fine, accept, but don’t pay it. People must not recognise it”

Have a listen to Aden who spoke about it this morning:-