Sicily, in Italy wants to refill its empty beaches after the end of the pandemic and to do so it’s offering to split costs for tourists to fly in, as well as covering some expenses for accommodation and activities.

The regional government said it has allocated a budget of €50 ($90) to pay half the airfares of incoming tourists after it is safe for visitors to return.

To get a voucher of your own, you’ll need to visit the Visit Sicily website soon after the country reopens its borders.

While there’s no exact date of when this will be yet, Italy plans to allow restaurants to open as a takeaway service starting May 4, as well as reopening the manufacturing and construction sectors.As the coronavirus pandemic looms over one of Europe’s most vital economic sectors, it’s been reported that the losses to Sicily’s tourism industry exceed $1.09 billion since March 10, following border closures.After June 1 the government plans to reopen barbershops, beauty salons, massage centers, and other personal care activities. The return to schools has not been fixed yet.

The island offers white sandy beaches along its pristine coastline and plenty of historical and cultural sites, and it is also a great foodie hot spot.