Christmas – that most wonderful time of year filled with gifts, festivities, and a whole host of ads and promotions constantly bombarding you about it. It’s no doubt that Christmas has become commercialised, and indeed one may be at loss for words that there’s a holiday to remind you to shop when everyone is busy with, well, shopping. But that’s exactly what Shopping Reminder Day is all about.

How to Celebrate Shopping Reminder Day

Shopping Reminder Day falls roughly a month before Christmas, and as such it’s the perfect reminder to go ahead and get started on all of your holiday shopping. Yup, that’s right, there’s a day to tell you to shop so that you don’t go and procrastinate on all of your holiday shopping right up until Christmas Eve (like my dad always did, but I don’t think he’s alone at all on this front). But in all of the commotion of promotions, sales, and Christmas shopping, maybe you forgot something important. You’ve been running around like mad – is there anything in your refrigerator? Or maybe you need to buy some things for the house? See, maybe it is a good thing that there’s such a thing as Shopping Reminder Day even at this time of year.

Observing Shopping Reminder Day is quite simple and straightforward – make a nice list of what you need, or what gifts that you need to buy for people. Or maybe you are the sort that does all of your holiday gift shopping well before even Thanksgiving? But do you have all of the things for wrapping gifts at home? Or all of the holiday decorations which you would put up? Then go out and buy those things. It’s pretty simple, really. Or call up a friend, and remind them that it’s Shopping Reminder Day, and offer to help your friend in braving the crowds and the barrage of promotions. And once you’ve bought all of those things, you might be able to sit at home and relax with a nice mug of egg nog in a few weeks when everyone else is running around shopping. Or maybe I just reminded you to go out and buy egg nog. So celebrate by relaxing at home with your egg nog that you just remembered to go out and buy.

[Credit: Daysoftheyear]