There are very few of us who have not been impacted by Sesame Street in our childhood years. So, it only makes sense that Sesame Street Day was created to celebrate the tremendous influence that this maverick television programme has had upon our lives.

Sesame Street day was first established in 2009 to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of its original broadcast. While initiated in New York, it should come as no great surprise that this occasion is now recognised by tens of thousands of individuals from around the world. In fact, the number of followers continues to grow each year.

Commemorating Sesame Street Day has no real conventions; you can choose to celebrate it as you see personally fit. You might wish to relive your youth by watching old episodes or instead head to the local toy store and pick out your favourite Muppet. Either way, Sesame Street Day is a true celebration of our childhoods!


  1. We get to remember our favourite characters

    The idea of Sesame Street and its iconic characters are inseparable. Thinking of mornings and afternoons spent with Bert and Ernie, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and the whole family of other lovable muppets brings back plenty of happy memories for almost everyone.

  2. It’s the perfect justification for a bubble bath

    It’s pretty much mandatory to take a bubble bath on Sesame Street Day. How else would you do the rubber duckie song any justice? Alright, bubbles or a rubber duck aren’t necessary, but they help. And, after a hard day’s work, it feels great to soak in a hot tub. There’s something about a shower that seems so business-like. See, Ernie had the right idea all along!

  3. Sesame Street is almost universal

    Sesame Street has been broadcast in more than 120 different countries. Having spent decades entertaining and educating children around the globe, the show emerges as a uniting theme across people from cultures everywhere.

    We LOVE this song with Bruno Mars!