Season One of Hitched series takes viewers on a journey around the country to find the legendary water-dwelling creature of the Congo River basin folklore, Mokele-Mbembe.

‘Hitched’, a ten-part documentary series, follows Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall’s incredible journey across 107 days, travelling through 10 countries and covering an astounding distance of 15,000 km via 92 rides.

Their current plan is  to go find Ellen degeneres and get her to help them sell season one. So that’s where they’re off to now. They actually ran a couple public poles and got people to vote on which celebrity they should go find- and the public chose Ellen.

It’s gonna be about 6 months, 28000 KM and we gotta cross the Atlantic ocean. Hence us being in CT, we’re actually busy searching for a boat… So we’re actually sort coming into the first week of shooting.

Heres the interview with Luke and Suga