The Kolisi Foundation have taken it in their stride to help vulnerable South Africans and with more resources at their disposal, they’ve been moving across the country to offer help where needed. We caught up with Rachel to chat about the positive impact the foundation has already made in vulnerable communities in SA.

With the unexpected risks and threatened spread of the COVID-19 virus, they were able to facilitate the market with much-needed items.

They are dedicated to alleviating extreme poverty, bringing hope to individual hearts and providing opportunities to those with undiscovered talent.

They’ve done this by:

By enriching the lives of a poverty-stricken nation

By addressing real issues

By promoting equality

By awakening talent

By mentoring children to forge a new path

By satisfying basic physical needs

By mobilising funds towards organisations and their noble activities

By being transparent in all processings

By researching & developing foolproof approaches

By always believing there is hope for our nation

By extreme generosity

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