This morning on Heart Breakfast Ricky Rudolph, operations manager at Romantic Corporate joined Aden Thomas to spread the word and hone in on the musical talents of Cape Town with the opportunity to showcase their musical talents abroad within a professional environment.

Romantic Corporate offers many artists across the world in different forms of the arts ( Magic, ballet, opera, circus, acrobatics, solo and groups vocals) to take up contracts to work all across Spain and the cruise ships (Norway, Denmark, Sweden).

Ricky says, “There is a high demand for the South African voices and talent.” Therefore Romantic Corporate has put out the call to musicians & artists to auditions. Auditions will be held at the Joseph Stone Auditorium on the 10th & 11th of January 2023.

At the audition, they are seeking to recruit singers, dancers, Musicians and bands for the summer season starting 1 May 2023.  

To find out more info on Romantic Corporate and what they can do for you visit their website here.

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