It’s a Love Thing Vol 4.

From humble beginnings to sold out shows. Robin had been singing for many years and hosted his first show “Robin En Route” in 2015, at the Garden Court Theatre, it ran over three nights.

Most people first got to hear the name Robin Pieters in 2016, when Robin participated in The Voice South Africa. So powerful was his performance that all four judges turned to see the face behind that Voice. His experience with The Voice South Africa, brought him a steady following that demanded more. His audience wanted to see more of him on stage and “It’s A Love Thing” was born.

“It’s a Love Vol 1” 2017 was hosted at the Baxter, to a nearly sold out theatre and left audiences wanting more. “It’s a Love Thing Vol 2” in 2018 moved to Grand Arena ,Grand West and when Robin took to the stage he stood before a sold out theatre. The youngest artist ever to sell out the Grand Arena.

“Its a Love Thing Vol 3” was no different, as Robin continues to bring a bouquet of local artists on stage. Artist include power houses like Karin Kortjie, Elwira Sandili, Sasha- Lee Davids, LIRA, Belinda Davis, Paxton Files, Yanga Sobetwa, YoungstaCPT, Jimmy Nevis, Craig Lucas, The Black Ties, Belinda Davids, Tera Cox, and Chad Chitter aka Skouers.

As Robins’ following and career has grown so has his skills, as a professional artist. Robin has directed and produced shows for other young artist, looking to break into the music industry. His passion for his work has moulded him into a pioneer in his craft. He thinks outside the box, sets trends, takes on initiatives, collaborates with other artists, co-writes with other artist and does his bit to give back to those less fortunate, he identifies individuals and NGO’s to work with, while trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

“Time is drawing near for Robin Pieters to once again take to the stage for “Its  A Love Thing Vol 4”. It will be as spectacular as the previous volumes if not greater, as this show will entail Duets, sung by an array of South African Artists, as his selection of artists comes from diverse South African back grounds. Robin’s engaging manner with his audience is what keeps them coming back.

It’s a Love Thing Vol 4

Gand Arena Grand West

14 February 2020



Craig Lucas


Elwira Standili

Loukmaan Adams

Terra Cox

PJ Twins

Nur Abrahams

Paxton Files

Karin Kortjie

Keegan Martin

Have a listen to Robin Pieters and Elwira Standili here: