President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers his State of the Nation address in Parliament on Thursday night, and if you live or work in the Cape Town CBD, here are the road closures you need to know about.

by Morné Esben

This is the comprehensive list of road closures for the night. The City of Cape Town is advising motorists to familiarise themselves with the road closures and plan their routes accordingly.

ON 13 February 2020 FROM 06:00 TO 23:45 

  • Church Square
  • Roeland Street: between Plein and Buitenkant Street
  • Closure of Company Gardens
  • Government Avenue from Orange Street to Wale Street
  • Plein Street from Longmarket Street to Roeland Street
  • St John’s Street from Roeland Street to Vrede Street
  • Vrede Street: between St John’s and Hope Street
  • Gallery Lane
  • Bouquet Street
  • Hope Street: between Roeland and Glynn Street
  • Wesley Street: between Buitenkant and Hope Street
  • Glynn Street: between Buitenkant and Hope Street
  • Wale Street: between Queen Victoria and Adderley Street
  • Bureau Street: between Adderley and Parliament Street
  • Spin Street and Mostert Street: between Corporation and Parliament Street
  • Parliament Street from the gates of Parliament to Longmarket Street
  • Commercial Street: between Plein and Buitenkant Street becomes bi-directional
  • Wesley and Glynn Streets: between Hope and Buitenkant Street becomes bi-directional

Road closure: 
17:00 to 20:00 on 13 February 2020

  • Buitenkant Street between Roeland and Strand Street

Road closure: 
17:45 to 19:30 on 13 February 2020

  • Klipper Road, Newlands: from Main Road (M4) to Newlands Avenue
  • Princess Anne Avenue, Newlands: from Newlands Avenue to Union Avenue
  • Newlands Avenue, Newlands: from Dean Street to Princess Anne Avenue
  • Dean Street, Newlands, westbound: from Main Road (M4) to Newlands Avenue
  • M3, Union Avenue, Rhodes Drive, Philip Kgosana Drive (De Waal Drive), Roeland Street,
    City-bound carriageway: from Newlands Avenue to city centre
  • Woolsack Drive, Rondebosch, westbound: between Main Road (M4) and Rhodes Drive (M3)
  • Anzio Road, Observatory: from Main Road (M4) to Philip Kgosana Drive (De Waal Drive) (M3)
  • N2, Settlers Way City-bound carriageway: from Main Road (M4) to city centre