Redhead Appreciation Day on September 23 reminds us of the beauty and uniqueness of red-haired people. They possess the rarest hair shade and are often associated with having a “fiery” or “hot-tempered” nature. Whether that’s true or not, we can’t deny that redheads are like rare birds of paradise, making up just four percent of the world’s population! Nicknamed gingers, carrot-tops, flame-haired, “ranga”, “bluey,” redheads can often feel like outcasts and stand out in the crowd. So if you are a redhead, or have a redhead friend or family member, today is the day to appreciate them in all their flaming glory!


  1. Redheads are rare

    The genes and timing have to be exactly right to even stand a chance of producing a redhead child, as it is recessive. At the very minimum, both parents have to be carriers of the mutated MC1R redhead gene. If both parents are carriers but don’t have red hair, they’ve got one in four odds, or a twenty-five percent shot. Sadly, if even one parent doesn’t hold that lucky MC1R gene, there’s just no chance of seeing red. That’s why everyone should appreciate a redhead when they see one!

  2. Red is the hardest colour to fake!

    Gingers are the easiest hair colour to spot in a crowd, but they are also the hardest colour to get from a bottle. Red hair dye tends to fade faster than the rest. Not to mention, natural red hair holds on to its pigment better, making it difficult to dye.

  3. TV commercials love redheads

    A 2014 report by Upstream Analysis discovered that at one point, CBS showcased a redhead every 106 seconds. Perhaps getting so much of the same regularly means seeing something different makes redheads memorable!