As summer has winded down, have you wondered about reasons to look forward to winter this year? Well here we go…

Soft, comfy materials; wonderful military cuts and fitted lines, we love it! Curve-hugging, big coats and scarves, mixing outfits is a fave during winter! We’ve been waiting all year to break them out of the cupboards.

Stews, curries, soups and baked goods like homemade breads are our favourites to make. These are comfort foods made for hot ovens and cold nights. Settling in  your favourite spot with a book and a warm cup of soup is what we love and look forward to in the evenings. Throwing on boots with a pair of jeans or tights is just super easy and oh so comfy! It’s the only time of year to wear them and fully appreciate the feel as well as the look.

Hugging your partner in the chilled day/night is the most beautiful thing and also hanging out around the camp fire with bunch of close ones just cannot be replaceable!

It’s perfectly acceptable to turn down social invites so you can bury yourself under a blanket and binge-watch Netflix. When the weather outside is frightful and it’s dark by 6 pm, no one will think you’re lazy for making a date with your couch.

The colder it gets, the warmer the drinks. A good red wine or hot toddy never tasted so good! We’re looking forward to winter!