Feeling Like You Have More Hours In The Day:

You don’t have anymore hours in the day, it just feels like you do because it is lighter in the morning and lighter at night. We feel that we can get alot more things done in Summer.

Eating More Healthier Foods And Salads:

Smoothies for breakfast and salads for lunch in Summer! In Winter these foods just don’t do it for us! In Winter we eat more sugary comfort foods and soup with bread with lots of butter!! Summer is the time to slim down and feel a little bit more comfy in those jeans.

Visits To The Beach:

Oh how we are dreaming of visits to the beach with my family. We absolutely Love, love love visiting the seaside especially with friends and family. So each off weekend make sure to pack picnics, the kids and of course the pets and head over to your favourite beach!

Holiday’s And Family Time:

Summer calls for holidays and time off from our busy lives. We bet you are looking forward to a summer holiday or camp with the family, time away will do everyone so much good especially after 2020. You need to start planning now where you will be going.

Summer Dresses Instead Of Layers:

Dresses are nice and cool and who doesnt like to prance around feeling airy and free? Wearing dresses in Winter you can not wear them much with thick tights and lots of layer under and over them. To wear Summer dresses with nothing much else will be amazing. Whoo, and a nice pair of sandals too instead of thick socks and boots! Bring on those summer fashion days, we are ready!

Beautiful Flowers And Pops Of Colour Everywhere:

Over the last few years we have found that listeners have  really started to appreciate flowers growing outside and all around them. Days are near where we can simply chill in the garden, relax, pour a cold one and admire your garden.

Taking More Photos And Making More Memories:

We are here for Summer pictures and make sure to take loads of them! Make this Summer one to remember!