While the ban of cigarettes and alcohol continues, so does the illegal buying of it. Smokers have been paying ridiculous amounts of money for packets and cartons of cigarettes. They range between R90 and R300 for a pack of cigarettes, and about R2000-R3000 for a carton.

Seven weeks later the ban is still in place, and some smokers have turned to the black market to get their cigarettes.

Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, said that there is “nothing sinister” behind the state’s decision to ban tobacco products. Not only does smoking pose a health risk, but it “does not allow for social distancing and encourages the spread of the virus.”

Where it was so easy to get a packet of cigarettes for R40 at your nearest shop, now you have to call or message to find a contact that can ‘hook you up’.

Many smokers have also tried really hard to kick the habit, as its just so difficult to find what you want. Many of these brands that we’ve never heard of are making people feel quite sick.