Today is not only Boss’ Day, but equally if not more importantly something we’ve been made very very aware of since the birth of this pandemic – it’s global hand-washing day! One of our loyal listeners, Chiko Chakaingesu, has written and today published a book called, Soap and water buddies: A lesson on hand-washing. It’s a children’s book about teaching the importance of hand-washing with soap and water.
The book further seeks to promote hand-washing behaviour in early childhood and also teaches the steps involved in effective hand-washing. Chiko Chakaingesu is a pharmacist and passionate hand hygiene champion who became an advocate for good hand hygiene practices from the days she worked in hospitals in Cape Town. Hand-washing with soap and water is a simple act that can save lives, but it is surprisingly lacking in compliance. Chiko’s goal is to raise awareness of the importance of hand-washing and to encourage good hand hygiene practices. Teaching the next generation the motto “Better living through clean hands” is her mission.
Have a listen to the interview here:-