Sunbathing has always come with its perils, whether it’s because you fell asleep and turned into a lobster or because you trusted your friends with the sun cream and they managed to burn weird patterns on your back.

Now though, there’s an entirely different danger associated with catching the sun, and it has something to do with the state of your bum. More specifically, the extremely burnt state of your bum-hole after you’ve participated in the brand new trend doing the rounds, ‘perineum sunning’. This method, of lying on your back naked sticking you legs in the air and letting the sun shine, where ordinarily it wouldn’t. Apparently gives you more energy than an electric shock!

Actor, Josh Brolin tried this out and this is what he said on his Instagram after his experience:

“Tried this perineum sunning that I’ve been hearing about and my suggestion is DO NOT do it as long as I did. My bumhole is crazy burned and I was going to spend the day shopping with my family and instead I’m icing and using aloe and burn creams because of the severity of the pain.”