People born in May are usually self-dependent and don’t rely on others for their basic needs. They show possession for the things in their lives and for their closed ones as well. They are very clear about the things they hold close to their heart.

If they know that something needs to be done then they find the right motivation for themselves. Once they have started on a path they will make sure that they keep the journey efficient and result worthy. It is their motivation that helps them to overcome failure.

They don’t hesitate in dreaming big for their future. And They are very serious about the dreams they foresee and do their best to achieve them. They might be a little materialistic when it comes to ambitions and visions but they do their best to secure their future.

They love a luxurious life and spend money without thinking about it twice. If they decide to save money they will not even take a penny out of their pockets. They are quite surprising you see.

They love to travel and dream about crossing the globe. They have a curiosity for different cultures and people. May born people love to meet new people and see places that others have not yet explored. Being independent defines them and they love making their own money to live their dreams.

Strong-willed and deeply emotional people born in May seem to possess an innate sixth sense that helps them navigate through life. Like April born people those born in May can be stubborn, but their critical, systematic ways of thinking help them get stuff done.