Lockdown due to Covid-19 has intensified the difficulties many of our young people are facing. This afternoon on The O’Connor Drive we crossed to a very special lady – Sister Jasmine Roberts from Mitchells Plain.

Sister Jasmine started her community based soup kitchen in May 2015 in the Tafelsig community. Since then they have been feeding vulnerable youth every day, unfortunately with Covid-19 they had to stop as they’ve been doing it from their personal income. They are in desperate need of food donations in order to get the soup kitchen up and running again, to feed the children of Mitchells Plain. For the Homeless People, Covid-19 is horror on top of horror. As some people have roofs over their head, running water and a meal before bed, majority of the people in Tafelsig have nothing. Children are going to bed hungry and parents are struggling to find work to put food in their stomach’s.

We can only get through this pandemic together, to help support those angels who are already making those differences in various communities, just like Sister Jasmine.

Dan Davis at Peninsula Beverages Western Cape heard Precious Stones Community’s story and has offered INCREDIBLE support. R5000 will be handed over to Sister Jasmine and her Organisation, in order to reopen the soup kitchen and feed once again.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Dan and his team from Peninsula Beverages Western Cape, for making a difference and supporting the 16 Days For Youth Initiative.

Listen to the interview with Ryan O’Connor and Sister Jasmine here

From the 1st to the 16th of June, we’ll be supporting people and projects in need across our communities.

If you know of anyone in need during this time, or aids the well-being of our youth, please send us an email to: 16Days@heartfm.co.za and nominate these people or organisations.

This year our journey needs you... Be the change.