Parents and school teachers alike are scrambling to accommodate the order to shut down all schools by Friday.

During his address to the nation last night, President Cyril Ramaphosa set a deadline of the end of this week for schools to shut their doors.

Coming so soon after the Education Department went to some lengths to insist that primary schools would soon return to full capacity, the move caught many unawares.

It’ll have a sudden, and wide-ranging effect on many people’s leave agreements with employers.

Health authorities believe the infection peak is still about two weeks away.

That’s already creating doubt among educators that the new restrictions will indeed be lifted in 14 days.

Despite Ramaphosa framing the school closure simply as an early start to the planned holidays.

“The closure of schools and other educational institutions for the winter holidays will be brought forward. Schools will start closing from this Wednesday, the 30th of June, and all schools will be expected to be closed by the end of the week, on Friday”.

[Featured Image: News24]