We’ve all done it, stolen a R10 here or a R20 here. But this takes the cake…

A 12-year old boy was found in Bali on March 17th after it was reported that he was missing when his mother discovered he never showed up at the school. The Australian boy stole his family’s credit card and booked the tickets to Bali on his own and went on a solo trip.

This came after he got into a fight with his parents when they cancelled their holiday trip to the destination. He further stole the credit card from his family, tricked his grandmother into giving him his passport followed by thorough research of Australian airlines which allow minors to travel with student ID and passport. The 12-year old boy took a train from Sydney airport and checked himself in at the self-service stations. He boarded the flight from Perth and got on a connecting flight to Denpasar in Bali.

The boy checked in at the Bali hotel by informing the staff saying he was waiting for his sister to arrive. His mother was shocked and devastated after discovering her boy had flown overseas. The police reviewed the case and made sure that no such incidents are repeated.

We asked listeners what they did at home that lead their parents to nearly disowning them, and this is what they said….