Daniel Webber’s Story…

“Our son passed away after drowning in a bucket”

“Connor, our son, passed away in December 2017 after drowning in a bucket filled with water storedoutside the house during the droughts in Cape Town. We rushed to the Emergency Centre at the RedCross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, a memory spanning a few crucial minutes of anxiety as we hurried through passages with other families, children, medical equipment, an air of hope and,thankfully, dedicated medical professionals everywhere.” Connor had been admitted to theIntensive Care Unit of the Hospital, where the family spent five crucial days hoping to save Connor, before he devastatingly passed on.

“Although our child passed away, we will always remember and be thankful to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. From the Doctors who provided such specialist care that it felt like Connor was the only child in the ward in a busy Hospital, to the amazing Nurses who prayed and sang with usevery night”.

The Webber family, courageous in the memory and celebration of their son’s life, is sharing theirchild’s story in an effort to increase awareness towards raising funds for the Hospital via The Children’s Hospital Trust.

There are over 250,000 patient visits to the Hospital each year with over 45,000 critically ill or injured children coming through the doors of the Emergency Centre, just as Connor did. Their world-class paediatric healthcare services are saving patients’ lives across Africa.

“An institution like this needs your help. They need the goodwill of the public to keep them going.Without your donations they can’t carry on. So, I encourage you to open your heart and open your wallet…and leave your mark on life via The Children’s Hospital Trust.”

Daniel Webber, Connor’s dad.

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