The Western Cape Health Department has explained the discrepancies in the number of reported active COVID-19 cases.

On the provincial dashboard, it shows there are 809 people currently infected with the virus as of Tuesday.

While the National Institute for Communicable Diseases indicates the province has over 5,000 active cases.

Head of Health Dr Keith Cloete says the issue is with the NICD.

He says the Institute is using an incorrect method to track people who have been re-infected in the Western Cape.

Cloete is directing people to make use of the provincial dashboard to get accurate updates.

“We are the only province that is actively and can accurately track whether somebody has been re-infected. That means if you have a new case, we can track and see via your Identity Number whether you have previously been infected. Now because it’s not done in other provinces, the NICD has not system for that”.

Cloete says they’ve informed the NICD about the issue.

“We have written to the NICD informing them that the COVID-19 active cases for the Western Cape are inaccurate on their dashboard. As soon as the technical problem is fixed there’ll be reconciliation of numbers and will show the correct figure on the dashboards of the province and NICD”.