“In October 2019 NH Hotels conducted a detailed feasibility study of the leased NH Lord Charles Hotel in Somerset West, after careful consideration it was decided not to extend the lease at the conclusion of the agreed period being 31 August 2020. In accordance with the terms and conditions of the lease agreement, notice of such was given to the property owners on 01 March 2020. The property will be handed back to the owner on conclusion of the current lease, on 31 August 2020,” said NH Hotels said.

The hotel has been of service for 32 years and its with great sadness that so many people will be affected by the closing down of it.

“NH hotels is not in a position to comment on the future of the property thereafter, this will be decided by the property owners.  The property owners stated they do not require the property to be returned as a going concern and to cease operations. As a consequence the team members, many of whom have been with the hotel for many years will unfortunately be retrenched. NH Hotels are fully committed to ensuring all team member dues and entitlements as result of this decision will be fully provided for prior to the conclusion of lease,” reads the statement.A patron of the hotel shared his sadness at the news of the closure on Facebook. -“We at Distance For Difference (D4D) were blessed to have a wonderful relationship with this awesome group of people, since we hosted the first THE500 there in 2013! They were so good for us. Our prayers are with all of them during this difficult time!