This December 21 — National Short Girl Appreciation Day — don’t come up short on ways to celebrate the small ladies in your life! If you’re a short girl yourself, you know the genetic lottery you’ve won — they always make cute shoes in smaller sizes, your feet are never going to hang off the bed, and there are even health benefits associated with being a little vertically challenged. Go shorty, it’s your holiday!


When the cups are on the tallest shelf of the tallest cabinet, it’s not always fun to be short. But how great it is that you’re always at the top of the human pyramid? And when have you ever hit your head on a door frame? National Short Girl Appreciation Day was started to celebrate the smaller ladies in our lives, and maybe help them grab that out-of-reach item. However, being a “short girl” has meant different things throughout the years and places!

Today, women are taller on average than our ancestors even just 100 years ago. Still, women in Indonesia, Bolivia, and the Philippines are on the shorter end of the global average, hovering around just 5 feet! This proves that “short” totally depends on where you are.

Short women make a huge impact. Emilia Clarke (Mother of Dragons!) stands only 5’2”, as does makeup and reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian. Lady Gaga checks in at 5’1”, and superstar Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is only 4’8”. These ladies prove that whether it’s onstage, on the Olympic podium, or anywhere else, being short does not stunt your success.


  1. Small and Strong

    One study found that those who are under 5’2” are less likely to break a hip than those over 5’8”

  2. It’s not a pain to be short

    One study found that those under 5’0” have a significantly decreased chance of dealing with back pain.

  3. Heart Health

    Though doctors can’t quite pinpoint why, those who are under 5’3” have a 50% less chance of developing coronary heart disease than those who are over 5’8”.

  4. Staying cool

    Short people are less likely to get heat stroke or just overheated in general than taller people.

  5. Long live short girls

    Many studies have shown that those who are on the short side are more likely to live longer lives than their tall counterparts.


  1. Short girls are beautiful!

    Think of all the stunning and powerful celebrities who don’t even hit the 5’3” mark! We’re thinking of Shakira, Anna Kendrick, Dolly Parton, and more… so you’re in good company.

  2. It is empowering

    So you aren’t the 6’0” model or volleyball player — who cares? You never hit your head on door frames, every blanket is long enough for you, and you’re always the top of the human pyramid trick. We love a day to remind us that there’s something to be appreciated about a diversity of heights and body sizes.

  3. There are so many perks to being petite!

    You always look younger, you always have enough leg room, you can wear any heels that you want… we could go on. Being a short woman is absolutely not getting the short end of the stick.