National Resolution Planning Day is on December 30 and we are getting a headstart on setting goals for next year! Did you know that one in three people fail their New Year’s resolutions in the first month? And only 10% of people are successful at keeping their resolutions throughout the year? While there are many reasons for this, it is necessary that you set- and commit to your resolutions before the new year actually begins for a better chance at success.

In a survey of 2,000 people, the top five resolutions each New Year are:

  • Save Money or Spend Less
  • Learn Something New
  • Quit Smoking
  • Read More
  • Change Jobs


  1. Reflect on the past year

    Before you start making your resolutions for the New Year, it is essential that you reflect on the past year and take inventory of what you need to do more of to accomplish your goals in the next year and what you need to leave behind that won’t support this.

  2. Decide your New Year’s resolutions

    ‘Save money.’ ‘Eat healthier.’ ‘Enjoy life to the fullest.’ Set whatever resolutions you like. They can be anything you want, these are YOUR goals. We recommend asking yourself what change you can make in your life next year that will bring you significant happiness.


  1. All we have is now

    There’s no better time than now to make all those lifestyle changes that have been pending or that we’ve kept delaying! Let’s get to it!

  2. It feels exhilarating

    The end of the year brings with it anticipation and excitement for the year ahead. We feel all pumped up by this pre-new-year motivational wave and are ready to tackle some goals!

  3. You’re already in reflection mode and can pick the right resolutions

    We are also in reflection mode about the past year, so it is easier to filter what we want and don’t want, and can set better resolutions that are attainable.