Most of us have the benefit of having more than we need to live. National Give Something Away Day on July 15th offers us an opportunity to share some of our things.

Giving benefits us all, too. It improves our community and puts much-needed services and assistance within the reach of those who need it most. The giver also benefits. Giving not only makes us feel good but it teaches gratitude, too. Whether we give financially or by offering our skills and services, we lift others up. Our words can be a gift, too. Showing empathy, encouragement, and compassion to someone during a time of need may make us feel vulnerable, but it empowers those we offer it to as well. You can also share your time with others by volunteering.

While you may not think you have something to give away, you might be surprised. Tangible items like clothing, money, and food aren’t always what’s needed, though they may be the most common. Today,  broaden your goals and organise a give something away. Also, look around your community, and identify the places that need you the most. Focus your energies there.

In the spirit of the occasion, consider sending someone flowers or send a sweet message. Many other ways benefit others, too.

  • Clean out your closet or garage and make a donation.
  • Donate to a soup kitchen, shelter or library.
  • Volunteer your time or skills. Teaching someone gives them the opportunity to pay it forward.
  • Create gift baskets for shelters.
  • Do an online charity raffle