Its National Financial Awareness Day today and as much as it’s not a fun realisation talking about our finances, it is important to acknowledge our independence. Remember, retirement is a time to take all those vacations you couldn’t when you were working the daily grind. Financial Awareness Day is a great opportunity to gain some awareness of your finances. Don’t let bad financial decisions ruin the best years of your life! Asking your parents for money is the pits! No matter what age you are and what the circumstance is, it’s not a comfortable ask. However, it’s easier when you’re younger because if you’re older, things get a little awks.

This morning, Irma G asked the listeners What I do want to know is, when is it a good age to stop asking your parents for money? At what age do you stop asking? Here’s what listeners had to say:

  • “If I was a kid and every time I asked my parents for money, they gave it to me, what incentive would I have to stop?”
  • “In your 20’s, get a job and support yourself. Independence is liberation!”
  • “I stopped asking my parents at the age of 19, they put me through school and colleague, my poor folks I couldn’t bare taking any more cash from them. Its my turn now to help them.”