December 17 is National Device Appreciation Day, an opportunity to appreciate the devices that help us lead our lives, and take steps to protect those that are most important to you. The best, most effective way to protect all of the items that contribute joy in your life is to properly insure them, ensuring that they can continue to positively impact your life for years to come, no matter what unexpected problems may arise.


  1. Assess Your Insurance Needs

    Are you protected if the worst happens to your phone, laptop, or other critical item? Does your current insurance provide enough coverage to repair or replace those items? Understanding your state of insurance is important before tragedy strikes.

  2. Share Your Most Epic Broken Phone Story

    We’ve all been there, you’re taking selfies of yourself living your best life when, oops, down goes your phone. Share the most epic way you destroyed your phone to serve as a humorous cautionary tale against going without insurance.

  3. Take Traverse for a Test Spin

    Even if you think you have the best personal property coverage in the world, it’s worth giving Traverse a try. The app is free and easy to use, and the coverage can start at just $1 a month. You may find it is worth adding a little more coverage to provide some peace of mind.


  1. It’s a Fun Way To Think About An Unfun Topic

    No one likes thinking about insurance. But if you’ve ever found yourself on the wrong side of a busted laptop, you’ll wish you had. National Device Appreciation Day helps us think about the coverage we need in a way that is more fun than insurance tends to be.

  2. We Learn a Bit of History

    Insurance feels like a modern concept, and in a lot of ways it is. But its roots go back some 6000 years and it’s based in helping people protect people against the unforeseen, it has even been encoded by Hammurabi. It was a good idea then and it’s a good idea now.

  3. It Helps Expand Our Options

    It may come as a surprise but there are new and easy ways to cover the most important belongings in your life beyond traditional homeowners, property, and renters insurance. National Device Appreciation Day galvanizes us to look into other options that better suit our lives.