My Octopus Teacher, the SA Netflix documentary won an Oscar and South Africans couldn’t be more prouder! The documentary displays a beautiful  bond between an octopus and a man named Craig Foster. The documentary is filmed in the Atlantic Ocean – False Bay. Co-director Pippa Ehrlich, accepted the gold statuette at the awards ceremony in Los Angeles with co-director James Reed,“In many ways this is a tiny personal story that played out in sea forest at the very tip of Africa, but on a more universal level I hope it provided a glimpse of a different type of relationship between human beings and the natural world.”

“Thank you to the Academy and all our incredible nominees. We’re sure there have been many tears along the way. We want to thank Netflix for enabling us to share our story with the world. Our incredible team have arms that stretch across the planet, from South Africa, to the Netherlands, to the US and the UK. Well done to our friends and family who put up with years and years of our tunnel vision. We know many South Africans are awake back home to watch this ceremony. I just hope this film gave a glimpse of a different kind of relationship human beings can have with the outside world.” Pippa Ehrlich said