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Track Name: P.U.S.H Artist: Jason Arrison

My name is Jason Arrison. I was born in 1987.I am the eldest of three boys and one girl. As years went on, I then also started playing the drums, which became a profession at a later stage.
As time went on, I had a passion for music, which I wanted to do full time, but unfortunately. Realistically speaking, music, wouldn’t have paid off the bills. At that time, I started working a day job, which eventually when I played with different bands on the drums. I eventually also then picked up the bass guitar which my heart’s desire was the always on my own record label as yours carried on. I then eventually went against study and work for a production house, which at the time, my late mom passed away.
As years carried on. I went back into retail and got the opportunity to start my own record label in 2016 which is now called JaySquared Productions. As the years followed, I got the opportunity to play for a well-known family, which is the Butler family.

And then I eventually started another record label this year, which is now called JaySquared Records. As time went on, I meet up with new friends made new connections. And through that, I made a connection with a friend, which they are currently in the marketing team for JaySquared Productions and JaySquared Records, I have eventually released my debut single, which is entitled, “P.U.S.H”, which I proudly recorded mix and mastered, My baby brother Lyric features on the single , two songs that is on my single is entitled “P.U.S.H” or “Pray Until Something Happens” and “Give Him Glory”. I do work with one of my artists, which is now the Co-Founder of JaySquared Records. I also work closely with my marketing team called “ATM” or “Always The More”. The co-founder of JaySquared Records goes by the name “Moisty G”. One of the other artists, that is also on the roster of JaySquared Productions is the owner of “Always The More” goes by the name “Demigod Mingo”. As the CEO or the director of JaySquared Productions, we released a series of unknown artists albums which we recorded, mixed, and mastered in my own little home studio. The artists that we work with are all unknown artists but huge rising stars with lots of talent.