Aren’t pets just the cutest thing ever? Those cuddly paws and wagging tails. Does this melt your heart? Dabs those tears, dab, dab. Here are some of the reasons why it is refreshing to have multiple pets in one household.

Just like siblings, you’d think that having multiple pets wouldn’t get along. It can possibly be quite the opposite with time and patients to let them see they can coexist in one household.

Adding a new pet

At first there is hostility to a new pet. During introductions, allow your pets to smell each other. After that there will be this, ‘I won’t kill you, but don’t get in my way’ attitude. Level three is bonding.

Different diets desires

Keep your pets from eating the others food. This is due to varying ages and breeds often require different nutrition. Some other serious health issues can also be the reason such as pets with chronic systemic diseases and being overweight.

Vet trips

Your pets may all be different ages and breeds but that doesn’t mean that they don’t need veterinary care. Your pets should all at least go to the vet once a year. Seeing pets for an annual exam allows veterinarians to find problems early and keep pets healthy.

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