Sweet Fragrance is a registered NPC , their goal is to teach abused, underprivileged and mistreated women IN empowerment (their internal being) through various initiatives and workshops and thereby equipping them to mobilise their individual momentum in life and accomplish their own respective goals, dreams and aspirations.

The Vision:

Sweet Fragrance’s vision is to intentionally work with women from various walks of life, holistically: the body, mind, soul and spirit.  We want to equip these women to reach their full potential in every aspect of their lives through mentorship and practical assistance that will enable them to achieve their individual goals.

Through teaching women life-changing skills their confidence will increase, believing that they have something to offer the world. When women are empowered, the aim is that they will go on to empower other women and the next generation with the skills they have been taught. This will create a chain reaction, with positive results in every generation.     

We want to embed women with a voice, who contribute to society, and who have a fundamental understanding of their self-worth and their unique abilities. We want them to become women who are mentors, entrepreneurs, radical world changers and by that changing the scope as to male dominance in Africa.         

Suga interviewed these phenomenal women this morning, have a listen to the interview here:


Visit them for more information: https://www.sweetfragrance.org