By the end of this week we will be under lockdown (Commences Thursday 26, 23:59), and the vast majority of South Africans will be extremely limited in terms of mobility. We need to know what this is like and we’ve reached out to our fellow South Africans abroad to help quell the panic and anxiety you all might be feeling. Have a listen

Here are some of the questions that Ryan covered:

  • Italy has been extremely hard hit by this virus, we see the figures growing daily with over total Covid-19 cases by the close of Monday 63,928.How are you and your family faring in isolation and what has the level of disruption been to your daily life?
  • For those South Africans who currently might be panic stricken, what proactive advice do you have for them when lockdown commences?
  • Can you give us a bit of perspective as to what we could be facing as a nation if we do not adhere to these rules?