On Saturday night, Tamaryn Green, was crowned Miss South Africa 2018. Not only was social media abuzz with messages of congratulations streaming in, but on Monday morning when the Heart Breakfast team took to the airwaves, the people of Paarl were clearly still lit up by the news of one of their darlings being named the bearer of this prestigious title.

On Monday afternoon, Suga and the #Drive326 team caught up with the 23 year old, final year UCT medical student, now also Miss SA 2018. Take a listen.

Following that conversation, Aden spoke to Tamaryn’s father and mother, David and Ellerine Green on #HeartBreakfast. Take a listen.

Aden Thomas also spoke to a close family friend, who was also one of Tamaryn’s teachers at school, Carlyn Oppeldt. Take a listen.