Its World Maths Day!

The mathematical problems we always encountered in the classroom, the exercises and the assignments that our teacher has assigned – these are all opportunities to exercise our brains, preparing us for larger and more challenging problems in real life.

As we speak, students are sitting in their various math classes tapping their fingers impatiently, daydreaming and complaining aloud “I’m not going to use this stuff ever again in life!” They might be correct when it comes to their specific responsibilities in the workplace, but not how they accomplish these responsibilities. Sure, they might never graph linear equations, determine slope and y-intercept or solve radical equations in a workday, but the cool math skills they acquired while completing these problems will last a lifetime.

Math shows you that you can reach a desirable result if you a follow a certain series of steps in a particular order, and complete each step without making an error. If you find an error in your process, you can start over, making sure to alter your methods at the moment you messed up the first time. Life doesn’t allow you to redo anything most of the time, but when it comes to stuff you do over and over on a consistent basis, you’re allowed to change things in between attempts.

Today we would like to salute all those Maths teachers who work so hard daily at educating our kids and inspiring them to help change the world.