You would have heard the news story of a car petrol bombing in Mouille Point which happened on Wednesday morning. 

Currently, the police commissioner WC is investigating the incident &  reports that the police did not take the complaints from him seriously. The Facebook group where this info was shared is called the Atlantic Seaboard Action Group, run by Gary Trappler and Paul Jacobson. Trappler is the same man who supported the city in court in July 2019, when the Human Rights Commission was trying to get a court interdict to stop them fining the homeless.

Peter Wagenaar, who’s car was bombed, is a born-n-bred Capetonian living in Moulie Point. He and his wife decided to start feeding the homeless out of their own pocket on Day 1 of the lockdown. Full permit, all legally above board. They soon had members of the community reach out to support them with food. He now serves up to 100 people breakfast and dinner. He became aware of the hate towards his work about a month ago. Hateful comments and threats on social media. 3 weeks ago he was somewhat harassed by a police officer who wanted to arrest him for the feeding scheme, did not want to see the permit. He also soon became aware that someone had shared his personal details, address, contact number, ID number & car registration online. A few hours after the details were shared, at around 3h40am on Wednesday, he had to calmly wake his wife up to call the fire department. After the blaze on his car was put out, he and his wife got started on breakfast. They refused to be intimidated. They wake up everyday around 4am to start cooking. He refuses to serve a meal that they wouldn’t serve to their dinner guests. That’s why they make things like cinnamon salted caramel oats etc for the guys. While he’s convinced this attack was related to his efforts, more than anything he “feels sorry” for the people out to get him.

Peter joins Aden Thomas on the line…