The colourful plastic bricks known as Legos have entertained children (and adults) around the world for nearly 70 years. Legos are used to make toy buildings, vehicles, creatures, machines, anything imaginable — and they can be taken apart and put back together as often as you’d like. That means endless creative play.


Build a Lego toy

Dust off your old Lego set — or use your kids’ — and tinker around for a while. It’s good for relaxation and mental stimulation. Lego even sponsors corporate retreats for adults.

Watch on the big (or small) screen

The Lego Movie (2014) scored 96 percent “fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, with many praising the movie’s irreverent tone and colorful action. The sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, was released 5 years later in 2019. You can also head over to YouTube and watch a Lego creator build breathtaking structures.

Facts about Leggo

  1. A Man Made A Real House Out of Legos

    The UK’s James May built a house out of 3.3 million bricks. It contained a working toilet, shower, and bed.

  2. There’s A Surprising Reason Behind Minifigure Design

    That iconic hole in the head of a Lego minifigure is not there, as many of us suspected as kids, so you can attach a head to a brick. It’s there so a child can continue to breathe in case he or she accidentally swallows it.

  3. Legos Are A Perfect Fit

    The injection molds used in creating Legos have tolerances of less than two micrometers — meaning that today’s Legos still fit perfectly with those from 60 years ago.