Are you stressing about what you can buy for your partner? Did procrastinating get you yet again? Not to worry, we have you covered!

6 of the best

What is your lovers favourite drink? Buy it in a pack of 6 with a cute sticky note stating the things you love about them.

Bath bomb set

There’s nothing more relaxing at home than climbing into a bubble both. Spice up the bath with some bath bombs or bubbles and your partner will appreciate the self-care package you’ve bought!


Assorted tea / coffee gift set

Is your partner a tea / coffee snob? If so this might be the most thoughtful gift. Pair different types of teas and coffees together for an adventure, or organise a tea or coffee tasting in a great scenic location – Google can help with this one.

Green fingers

If your other half is into greenery and plants, why not get some? Something that will blossom, just like the love you have for each other.