Remember a time using landlines to communicate? Grabbing the landline, sneaking into the bathroom to have some privacy. The good old days. Having two telephones in the house with separate lines was considered a delicacy. Feeling a bit nostalgic? We sure are. With technology quickly changing its scares to see landlines in the home. A few reasons to hang onto your landline in the home:

Power Outage and Emergencies

Most landlines work even during power outages. In the mist of any emergency, your landline will allow you to call the necessary help departments during load shedding. A landline can also be tracked more easily than a cellphone in a dangerous situation.

Cheaper option

Landlines aren’t like cellphones, trapping you in years of paying off your contact. Many phone service providers offer landline service without a contract. Good news for us!

Lessons to be learnt

If your kids aren’t really old enough or responsible to own a cellphone, a landline is a fun alternative. The proper conduct of answering a landline as well as patience is juts some of the lessons a landline will have.


The quality of a landline is far better than that of a cellphone that can receive interference as it is stationary. Unlike that of a cellphone that is mobile and signal can be lost.

Second thoughts of shutting down your landline? Us too. Might reinstall ours!