Actor-director George Clooney’s lush and lengthy new beard is grabbing fans’ attention – and for all the right reasons.

The Catch-22 star was recently spotted on the set of a Nespresso ad in Spain where he sported the full salt-and-pepper beard. Like fine wine George keeps getting better with age. Full of gray and full of glory. Overly manicured it is not. But it isperfectly groomed. And it is perfectly attainable with the right kind of care. Like routine maintenance on a foreign car, achieving this level of cheek-chin-and-stache glory can take some effort.

So let is grow…

Far too many men believe they can’t grow a great beard simply because they’ve never really given it a shot. To get to Clooney levels, you can’t give up when things get scruffy. You’ve got to push past the short and medium lengths and really let that beard grow in. It could take more than a month. Endure. It’s worth it.

Learn to maintain! Beard oil is now your best friend. Apply regularly (right after the shower is a good time), and brush it through to get the full benefit.