Kim was finally asked about this, um, “news,” and had NO TIME FOR SUCH NONSENSE.

In case you missed it, in which case you’re so lucky, the internet was flooded with completely weird rumors that North West has a boyfriend named Caiden Mills. To be clear, North West is five. The boyfriend apparently bought North Tiffany & Co for Valentines Day. 
We opened it up to the listeners today on Irma’s show, and this what they had to say..
“Morning My daughter said to me day before valentine’s day.The boy in her class asked her to be his valentines.I said so what did you said,she said (I said to him.No are you stupid I’m not allowed to have boyfriend we 8 years old don’t be ougat)I wanted to say something but then I just said okay I must be doing something right.” – Carmen
“Kids or teenagers…I actually had this convo with my 15yr old..and his even happy to have a Gf 18 and up..and honestly kids should be kids and not be bothered with dating…yes you can admire and like another girl or boy but dating that’s for adults man like kids shouldn’t be having to go through that.. Just enjoy your crush but nothing more that’s my 2cents.” – Nats
“Hi daughter is 3 her “boyfriend” is 2 and a bit…I then told her neeee girl wat weet jy van boyfriend…but inside I thought it’s cute..turns out the said boyfriend is still wearing nappy…So one night I said to her nee thats where I draw the line ..I’m not going anywhere where with a boyfriend wearing nappy issie so ‘n party nie.” – Kashiefa