We often underestimate the health of the nose. Many people, even with important disorders, tend to ignore it or to choose generic solutions.

You should clean your nose on a daily basis, even if you don’t suffer from any ailment. For instance, in big cities we breathe part of the pollution, and the dirt that goes in our nose starts an inflammatory response. This is why everyone, whatever their age, should clean their nose morning and evening.

The easiest, simplest and cheapest way is cleansing it with a needle-free syringe filled with physiological saline.

How Your Nose Protects You Against Pollution

Your body has an amazing cleaning system to naturally rid itself of toxins. Bacteria can’t penetrate the skin, and our skin’s healthy bacteria kill off harmful ones. The nose is protected against toxins by the tiny hairs it has as well as its mucus production.

The key is to simply treat cleaning your nasal passages as a crucial piece of daily hygiene.


  • Try cleaning your nasal cavities in the shower. While you can also do this with your head tilted over the bathroom sink too
  • Use a squeeze bottle to actually force the warm saline solution gently through my sinus passages. Carefully prep the squeeze bottle by cleaning it, filling it with the recommended amount of warm water and a packet of salt. For an added cooling effect, I add a drop of eucalyptus oil to the mixture.
  • Remember that the sinus tissue is very delicate, so don’t rush the process. Nasal irrigation can cause pressure to build up in your ear canals. After you have finished the process, blow your nose gently