The first Monday in November is Job Action Day! Job Action Day,  November 2, 2020, is a day to recognise and empower those who dream of having a job they love. And we don’t mean just any job—we mean the kind of job where, as the old saying goes, you never work a day in your life. Created in 2008 by QuintCareers, Job Action Day was intended to empower and inspire hard workers who dreamed of achieving more. It’s a day to connect workers and job-seekers alike with career advice from experts in the career field. If you still dream of being excited to go to work every day, Job Action Day was created in your honour.



  1. Take a vacation

    It’s important to know when to take a break. Job seeking and changing your career can be a stressful process, but knowing when you need that time to yourself is a necessity.

  2. Apply to a bunch of new jobs

    Believe that your dream job is out there because it is! Apply to a variety of different jobs you’re interested in to give yourself options.

  3. Go to a job fair

    Job fairs are a great way to connect and meet with different people and companies. You’re able to communicate with people face to face and see firsthand what jobs are looking for in candidates as well.




  1. Following dreams

    This holiday gives us an opportunity to focus on the dreams and career goals we put on the back burner. If you think it’s not possible, it is!

  2. It’s inspiring

    Sometimes we need to be reminded of inspiration and hope. You are capable of anything you want to achieve if you believe.

  3. It’s engaging

    Looking for a new job can be fun. It doesn’t have to be a completely stressful process.